Survival Selling Even In the Toughest Times


In this book, Mike Blinder reviews the fundamentals of sales and shows how essential a B2B (back-to-basics) approach is to B2B (business-to-business) sales, even in a down economy … especially in a down economy. He gives back to the sales community by sharing over two decades of experience and expertise in the “oldest noble profession.”

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Table of Contents:
(1) It’s a Numbers Game (PDF preview)
(2) Establishing Rapport
(3) The ABC of Diagnosis
(4) The Great Dilemma:
One Meeting or Two?
(5) The Pitcher Takes the Mound
(6) Openings: The Chapter You Won’t Need
(7) Being the Best! (PDF preview)
(8) Some Final Words
Appendix A: All the Quotes
Appendix B: Suggested Reading